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Book Photos and Videos

Riding Mae Nam

The extraordinary individuals that you meet in the pages of Adventure Philanthropist come alive in the more than 70 videos and 150 photos that accompany each chapter of the book. Tune in to:

• Admire Little Angels as they dance
• Watch mountain gorillas lunch
• Listen to a Kuna lullaby – and much more!

Book Tour > December

Erin at Honolulu Rotary Lunch

Join me for one of my readings in Dec:

REI events are *free* but seating is limited so RSVP. REI book sales benefit

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Ladybugs on log, photo by Go Erin Go

Today it’s all about ladybugs and their migration. So last weekend I set out to find their colonies here in the CA redwoods.

Here I share the ladybug low-down, including how you can get involved to save our native species!

Giving U

Circle of volunteers 2

A benefit of my REI partnership is that in LA, San Francisco and Sacramento I participated in a volunteer days with REI members working with local land conversation groups.

That’s why I found myself one bright Sunday morning high in the hills of Auburn….

Global Outings


I was recently asked how I’d changed after my two years abroad. I’m more serious, having seen too much to be so naïve.

I now get flashbacks—and not the good kind—when I read about harrowing news from the places I’ve visited. Here’s how I deal with these recollections.

Living Mini

bins 3

I have taken yet another step in my quest in the elimination of all material items. During my last move, I went from 3 bins to 2.5 bins – a hearty reduction of 17% of all my possessions.

Here’s what I kept and what’s on the chopping block…

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