#1 Rule of Being a Nomad

I get a few raised eyebrows when I tell people I’m a nomad. Then I get a few questions:

  • Don’t you miss your friends and family? Yep
  • Don’t you want a routine? Sort of
  • Don’t you get tired of packing? Totally

Sure, it can sometimes be hard, but there are a lot of benefits of being a nomad. Like few bills. No clutter. The ability to go wherever you want on a whim. Once you get used to it, it’s a really cool lifestyle.

Back CameraBut it’s also a commitment. In particular, you need to have a high degree of self control. The number one rule: NO BUYING STUFF!

Stopping Shopping

First, you need to suppress the impulse to buy, which is tough because we live in a consumer-driven society. When I feel the urge to spend, I usually take myself to the movies. I only dole out $12 and usually after 2.5 hours I’ve usually forgotten whatever it was that I had to have.

I especially find it hard to resist flea markets finds so when I go, I pretend I’m in a museum and try and appreciate the displays without actually purchasing anything. Admittedly it takes some practice.

Re-Imagining Items

When I do need household help, I try and get creative re-using amenities, pressing everyday items into double duty. For instance, a large tote bag becomes a laundry basket, or small bowls and saucers become a jewelry box, and Tupperware containers become drawer dividers. It’s not elegant but it works.

Back CameraHard-to-Replace

Despite the best of intentions, sometime you’ve got to bite the bullet and stock up on a few items. I only bought a couple of things to get me through the whole summer:

  • Hangers (can’t fold everything)
  • Iron frying pan (cooking in it helps us with me absorb iron in my food)
  • French press coffee pot (a must-have if there ever was one)

Photo Splurge

My one indulgence are family photos. I carry 4-5 framed photos with me and set them up whenever I’m anywhere longer than a week. It’s just nice to look over and see some friendly faces smiling at you—No matter where you happen to be laying your head that night.

What do you think? Is a nomadic life in your future?

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