2014 GoErinGo! Fund Giving

Earlier this year I wrote an article about how to give while on a budget, outlining how I was volunteering more, participating in profit sharing, and actively promoting the principles of strategic philanthropy via social media. Read article here.

In monetary terms, I didn’t give a whole lot this past year — Just under $1,000. Donations of $50 and above were given through my GoErinGo! Fund. All other donations were given in cash or online.

Here’s an accounting of my 2014 charitable giving:

Year Date City Organization  Host Donation
2014 Jan Manly, AU Project Futures Sydney $20.00
2014 Jan Perth, AU Young Care Project Perth $20.00
2014 Jan Melbourne, AU Prahan Mission Melbourne $20.00
2014 Feb Los Angeles Palos Verdes Land Conservancy REI (Southern CA) $50.00
2014 March Naples, FL Abused Women’s Shelter Lion’s Club $50.00
2014 Aug Sonoma, CA Sonoma Community Health Center Readers’ Books $10.00
2014 Aug San Francisco Woman Inc. Kawika’s Reading $25.00
2014 Aug Las Vegas Project 150 More Fear $25.00
2014 Sept Marin, CA Center for Domestic Peace More Fear $25.00
2014 Sept San Francisco Save the Bay REI (Bay Area) $50.00
2014 Oct San Francisco Tilt Glide $10.00
2014 Oct Manila, PI Project Pearls Rainboot Drive $5.00
2014 Nov Oakland, CA Women’s Cancer Good Great Place for Books $10.00
2014 Nov Marin, CA Californa’s Writers Club Book Passage $25.00
2014 Nov Sacramento Placer Land Trust REI (Sac) $25.00
2014 Nov Silicon Valley Triton Museum Arts Project Rotary Club $10.00
2014 Nov San Francisco Women’s Education Project InsideVIew $25.00
2014 Nov San Francisco Project Outlet More Fear $25.00
2014 Nov U.S. Wiki Media Donation $3.00
2014 Nov U.S. Feminist Majority GivingTuesday Campaign $25.00
2014 Nov Global Seed Global Health GivingTuesday Campaign $25.00
2014 Dec Global Project Enlighten More Fear $25.00
2014 Dec U.S. Fracture Atlas BeKind Campaign $60.00
2014 Dec U.S. MOUSE Consulting Client $250.00
2014 Dec California MOUSE CA Consulting Client $100.00
Total $918.00

The Joy of Volunteering

uganda-students 2014 givingI admit though that I kind of like the giving trajectory I’m on. I’m really enjoying all the local volunteering I’ve been doing, especially the opportunity it gives me to directly interact with the communities we’re serving.

For example, while volunteering during the holidays, I was cheerfully told “Merry Christmas” dozens and dozens of times by the homeless men we were serving Christmas dinner.

And while doing conservation work during the summer and fall months, I met so many new friends who share a passion for protecting our land and waterways against environmental degradation.

2015 Giving Outlook

All good stuff. And nice to be able to take a moment to reflect back on the year and all I learned and the people I met by rolling up my sleeves and pitching in.

Makes me want to continue to volunteer and give this year too. So here’s to another year of giving—and receiving! Because really, that’s what strategic philanthropy is all about.

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