36-Hrs in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

This camel tried to spit on me

This camel tried to spit on me

Journal entry: August 26, 2008. Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

How could you not love a place like this?

  9:00 am    Run from attempted mugging

11:00 am    Head out to the countryside

Noon          Ride camel

 1:00 pm     Run from yak attack    

 3:00 pm     Ride horse

 5:00 pm     Hike in the mountains
                   and nap on a rock

A yak attack is no joke

A yak attack is no joke
Out for a morning stroll

Out for a morning stroll

  7:00 pm    Plow through a plate of
                   mixed meat grill

  9:00 pm    Play snooker and drink
                   whiskey. Lose.

11:00 pm    Play ping pong and
                   drink whiskey.
                   Win a little.

 1:00 am      Hit the hay

 5:00 am     Try to get up for
                   sunrise and roll back over

7:00 am      Hike in the mountains
                  and pick wildflowers

 9:00 am     Fight ger fire:
                   Holy Smokes!
                   Ger Fire of ‘08

12:00 pm    Watch Mongolian
                   Head for the Hill –

 5:00 pm     Receive sublime              
                   reflexology foot massage

 7:00 pm     Gorge on Mongolian
                    hot pot

 9:00 pm     Stagger back to the hotel

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