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New: A Charmed Life

As I think back over my trip, I’m mildly surprised that I came through the two years relatively unscathed.

I’m starting now to think that this good luck was bestowed on me through several guardian angels I met along the way. Let me introduce them to you...

Erin and Yia Waving © GoErinGo


Favorite: My MESSAGE from Burma *Videos*

Burma is a charming country! Credit their centuries' old Buddhist tradition or their forced isolation, but a trip to Burma is like stepping back in time.

Here’re my 7 insider tips on a visit to Burma, including my take on the best pagodas, Mandalay’s monk traditions, and Bagan’s unbelievable temple zone.

Sunset in Bagan, Burma © GoErinGo


Photo of the Week: Children of the Ssese Islands, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Children in the Field, Uganda © GoErinGo


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