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New:  Top 10 Travel Bucket List

The more you travel, the more you want to travel.

These top 10 spots on my Bucket List are especially enticing since I was planning to go, but for various reasons (danger, money, time) I didn’t make it. These are the countries I missed and why:

Erin Waving at Peak


Favorite:  Australia’s Apology to the Aboriginal People

On February 12, 2008, Australia’s Parliament issued an apology to the nation’s Stolen Generations. “Stolen Generations” is the term used to describe the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children who were forcibly removed from their families by the Australian government between 1869 and 1969.

Read the government's apology here:

Aboriginal Family, UNESCO photo


Photo of the Week:  Hmong Girls, hiking through Sapa, Northern Vietnam

Hmong Girls, Sapa Vietnam, photo by GoErinGo


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