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Hi Friends,

Since the Project PEARLS campaign started earlier this month, we’ve raised $537 for the nonprofit organization. Nice job!

And we still have one week left and $463 sitting on the table. Simply give the Go Erin Go Facebook page a “Like” and we can boost the total donation to $1,000! “Like” today!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Cheers, Erin


New: Postcard from San Francisco

Since returning to San Francisco, I’m looking at the city with new eyes. While I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the city, I’m seeing more of why this city truly sparkles.

Given my reignited love of San Fran, I’m sharing with you my 7 favorite spots:

Saturday morning at the Palace of Fine Arts


Favorite:  India’s Third Sex

India is one of the only countries (the only?) to official recognize a “third sex.” Traditionally the term Hijra is used by a person usually born male or intersex, but who uses the female pronoun and dresses in feminine attire.

Here’s India’s stance on its Third Sex…

Hijira, photo by gana 2020


Photo of the Week: Pagodas at Night, Temple Zone, Bagan, Burma

Pagodas at Night, Bagan, Burma, photo by GoErinGo


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