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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

Hope your year is off to a good start as we usher in the month of March. Nearly 3 months back from my epic adventure and I find myself still living out of a suitcase, shuttling between San Francisco, NYC, and my family in Florida.

As I packed for my lated 2-week jaunt, I pulled out a tried and true packing list I created years ago, appropriately entitled: Erin’s Ultimate Packing List.  While I might change a few items (as in fewer items), it still serves as a good check list before any trip. Feel free to use it too and share with friends!

I also have great news to report on our latest Donate My Dollars charitable campaign. In February y’all helped Project PEARLS raise $726 simply by “Liking” the Go Erin Go Facebook page. This is enough to help feed nearly 4,500 children with hot nutritious meals for 15 days or to send three students to high school for the entire year. *Big Thanks* for participating!

Now, for this week's stories:

New: Mummies of the World

I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed with mummies, but I am a tad fascinated. It’s amazing how after centuries under wraps, they can still appear so life-like. Equally intriguing are the stories behind their deaths.

Here's the back story of some withered ones from around the world that have made a big impression on me:


Favorite:  MESSAGE from Central Vietnam

I spent more than a month traipsing around Vietnam: from the Mekong Delta in the South to the hill-tribe territory of northern Sapa. Surprisingly, some of my best memories are from the central region of the country, including the prettiest city IN THE WORLD, weasel-poop coffee, and abseiling from famous Marble Mountain.

Check out my recommendations on what to eat, where to go, and how to have fun! Oh yeah — and watch the video!

Erin Abseiling Marble Mountain, Nha Trang, Vietnam by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week: Family photo from the Ssese Islands, Lake Victoria, Uganda

Unfortunately, I met these siblings during a moment of great sadness. Their eldest sister, age 15, was just diagnosed with the HIV virus. The village elder who was showing me around had gone into the hut in the background to talk with the grandmother who was raising the kids. (Both their mother and father had already dies of AIDS.) The HIV infection rate in the Ssese Islands is thought to be as high as 80% of the population.

Family on Sse Sse Islands, Uganda by GoErinGo

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Hope to see you on the road, Erin

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