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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

Am off and running this week, with nine speeches scheduled at New York-area schools. From the ultra fancy Greenwich Country Day School (alma mater of George H. W. Bush), to the second-graders at PS 127 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I’m out spreading the story of the “Adventure Philanthropist!”

Have a child, niece or grandson in school? Would love to go and speak with their class too! Just drop me a note at: Erin@GoErinGo.com.

All in all, having big fun in the Big Apple!

And now for our articles this week:

New:  Questions Kids Ask Me *Video*

The more I speak with students, the more I start to see myself as a grown-up version of Dora the Explorer! The students are super engaged and asking all kinds of fun questions. Here’re 3 of my favorite:

Erin at GCDS 3

Favorite: Train Tripping: Trans-Siberian Rules of Engagement

Either you love train travel or you don’t. I do, and so was completely enthralled during my 3-plus weeks riding the rails from Beijing, through Mongolia, to St. Petersburg, Russia. While taking the Trans-Siberian, there are three main “rules” to keep in mind for your own health and welfare:

Russia photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week:  Coptic Monastery, Aswan, Egypt

I took this photo during a camel ride on the western shore of the Nile outside the southern Egyptian city of Aswan. This Coptic monastery (the largest Christian Church in the Middle East) was sitting on a hill in the distance, catching the light of the setting sun.

Monastery in Aswan photo by GoErinGo

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So psyched to have met up with fellow travelers here in NYC, including Courtney & Adam & baby Jasper from my Milford Trek in New Zealand’s South Island more than 2 years ago and Antoinette, my good buddy whom I met first in Buenos Aires and then again while hiking in Patagonia. The traveler circle is small!

See you on the road!  Erin

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