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This week we celebrated Earth Day, conceived in the early 70s as a way to encourage us to be more environmentally conscious. But oddly enough, a poll finds that Americans are actually less eco-conscious than we were 40 years ago.

A survey done in 1971 found that 63% of respondents said that it was "very important" to work to restore and enhance the environment. In answering this same question last week, only 39% felt preserving the Earth was “very important.”

On the up-side, this year’s poll finds that more Americans are incorporating earth-friendly activities into our lives, such as cutting down on electricity use, eating organic foods, and recycling.  Another way we can support the Earth is by  buying local, which has a positive affect on our environment, as well as our local economies. For more info on how shopping local stimulates our communities, check out this cool infographic.

And now for our articles this week:

New: How Erin is Readjusting to Life Back Home

I was recently interviewed by Nomadic Matt, a popular travel blogger. He asked me a series of questions on my re-entry after 2 years on the road. I took his questions as an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve been feeling and tried to answer as honestly as possible. Thinking of living the life of a nomad? Read this first!

FP Erin Hiking Drakensberg in South Africa, photo GoErinGo

Favorite: MESSAGE from Fiji 

Fiji in a word: Fabulous! I had a true holiday that was filled with sun and fun – the perfect way to launch my 2-year journey. I can’t speak more highly of Fiji and the warm and open people there, from shared cups of the hallucinogenic kava, to diving with the big fish, to admiring the male Fijian dancers. Don’t miss the video of this spectacle!

Fijian Children photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week:  Taj Mahal  

My mother traveled with me to India. It was the first time for both of us to visit this magical country. We went to visit the Taj Mahal late in the afternoon, with the last bit of  shimmering sun lending a sparkle to this masterpiece. It is truly one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Taj Mahal photo by GoErinGo

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See you on the road!  Erin

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