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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

I’m so excited this week to launch my Giving U educational series, a collection of white papers that addresses the basics of philanthropy, including how to donate effectively, the fundamentals of fundraising, and how to choose the best volunteer opportunity.

In each white paper, I give an overview of the subject, full of insights gleaned from my years working professionally in the nonprofit field. I also provide links to resources that will make it easier for you to engage in charitable giving. Because that’s really what I want—for us all to participate in the fun of giving!

The Giving U series is only available to subscribers of GoErinGo.com—you! So enjoy this insider view into the world of philanthropy.

And now for our articles this week:

New:  Giving 101: Charitable Giving Guide

What I love most about philanthropy, otherwise known as charitable giving, is that the causes we chose to support are a clear indication of our core values. How we chose to spend our time and money reflects our closely held beliefs and strongest personal attachments.

This Charitable Giving Guide is a primer on the basics of personal philanthropy. We’ll address the nuts & bolts of charitable giving, so as donors we can make better, more informed decisions about our contributions.


Favorite: MESSAGE from Bolivia *Video* 

Bolivia, or as I call it: “Mind-blowing Bolivia,” is an intriguing country. Unfortunately, my time here was cut short so I regrettably only had one week in this fascinating country. It was a good thing that I was able to pack a lot in! Here’re my 7 highlights of a whirlwind trip:

Triple Fun in the Salar de Uyuni, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week:  Women Working in the Field, Vietnam  

I was mountain biking through the central highlands of Vietnam near the city of Dalat. We rode all day through the rolling hills. At the end of the day, we came out into the open fields where I spied these women laboring in the onion fields. I stopped, got off my bike, and snapped a picture.

Vietnamese Field Workers, photo by GoErinGo

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