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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

Last week I had a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of achieving 60% of funding by Week #2— today! And I’m super psyched to report that we did it! In fact, you blew it out of the water by donating thousands of dollars over the last week = Yay you!

Check out all of the support my friends are lending to the publishing process of my book Adventure Philanthropist! THANK YOU – I couldn’t realize my dream without your generosity!

  • Total donations to date: $4,230
  • Percentage of project funded:  70%
  • Dates left to participate: 16

Want to join the fun? Click here to make a donation today: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erinmichelson/adventure-philanthropist-adventures-volunteering-a?ref=live

And now for our articles this week:

New:  Peek into my Writing Process *Video* 

In this video I give you a peek into my writing process, including an overview of my “book board,” which is basically a visual outline of the book. I also show you my writing space and talk about what inspires me! Tune in if you’re interested in seeing how I’m managing all the hard work!

Back Camera

Favorite:  Navigating the French Open

During the first year of my trip, my mom Sam met me in Europe so we could attend the French Open’s Round of 16. Here’s a little about our French Open experience from the perspective of what the French are famous for—food, style, language and cleaning!

At the French Open, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week:  Sailor, Zanzibar, Tanzania

I was in Tanzania in 2007, during my second trip to Africa. I decided after multiple safaris and treks, I would chill out for a week on the island of Zanzibar. Once there, I decided to go ahead and get my PADI certification to scuba dive in what is known as the Disneyland of Diving. Just look at that water! How could I resist?!

Zanzibar, Tanzania, photo by GoErinGo

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Thank you again for your support of my Kickstarter campaign. I can’t thank you enough for your donation, your sharing and kind words of encouragement!

See you on the road! 


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