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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

Last week I launched a new Donate My Dollars campaign, where y'all get to vote on where I make a donation. For this challenge, I chose one organization helping to provide jobs for Americans located in 3 cities.

A week into the voting, 25 of you have voted for your favorite city to receive the grant, with Ft. Myers, Florida, barely edging out Milwaukee, and the City of Brotherly Love lagging far behind the front runners.

There’s still plenty of time to vote and direct my charity, so check out the giving challenge today: http://www.goeringo.com/2013/07/11/donate-my-dollars-jobs-for-americans/  Remember, you raise your voice and I open  my wallet!

And here’re the articles for this week:

New:  Erin has Ameobas! *Video*

I received some rather distressing news last week. I haven’t been feeling well and now I know why—I have critters.  After years on the road, I thought I might have worms attacking my immune system, but these aren’t worms, they’re amoebas. Here’s how I got them and what they're doing to me:

Erin has amoeba

Favorite:  Wild about Antarctic Wildlife *Videos*

Antarctica is the darkest and coldest place on Earth, so you might assume that there’s not a whole lot of wildlife around – Wrong! Antarctica is bursting with animals: Think penguins, seals and whales (and a whole lotta birds…). See ‘em here in action:

Gentoo Penguin Walking Forward, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week: Watering Hole at Etosha, Namibia

This serene shot was taken during a safari in Etosha National Park in Namibia. I love how the sun was setting and the giraffes at the water hole have their images reflected in the water. It was such a peaceful scene...until the lions came later.

Watering Hole at Etosha, photo by GoErinGo

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See you on the road!


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