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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

Thank you all for the well wishes after my amoeba diagnosis. A special shout out to my buddy Vanessa who said she thinks "amoebas" sounds like "amigos" and that it’s a good thing (obviously she’s not the one with parasites...).

The good news is that I went to a specialist this week. The bad news is I have more than one type parasite = Whah! Apparently my amoeba friends have cousins lurking. But no worries, I am on the mend.

And here’re the articles for this week:

New:  Volunteering Overseas - Video Q&A

This month, our video Q&A features questions from three readers which I’ve never met in person, but who took the time to write in with questions – too cool! Two of these questions are about finding volunteers opportunities overseas and the third question is about my travel budget for my two-year RTW trip. Tune in for some answers!

Little Angel in Classroom, photo by Go Erin Go

Favorite:  Unease in the Middle East

I’ll admit it, I got pretty scared a number of times during my recent sojourn in the Middle East. But I also experienced some amazing hospitality. This is the duality that marks much of the Arab Region. Read about the source of my nervousness while visiting Jordan & Lebanon.

Petra in Jordan, photo by Go Erin Go

Photo of the Week: West Marin County, California

This is a photo of my old neighborhood in the beautiful hills just north of San Francisco. I lived here for several years, in mini house nestled on a hillside where there were daily sightings of deer and foxes. A wonderful place to live!

California Countryside, photo by Go Erin Go

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Also, a quick note on the tech side of things. My site was down for about 3 days this week (hence the newsletter going out a day late). If you wrote me at my Erin@GoErinGo.com email, I may not have received it, so please re-send!

See you on the road!


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