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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

The good news is I’m officially amoeba free = Yahoo!

The bad news is last week I had a severe allergic reaction that caused my eyes to swell shut for two days: Friday and Saturday. As a result, the newsletter didn’t make it out the door last week – Sorry!

But no fear! I’m back rockin’ and rollin’, working hard on the final edits of the book and booking tour dates. My latest gigs are in beautiful spots – stop by if you’re in the mood for some sunshine and aloha spirit!

  • San Diego, California – Tuesday, Nov. 5, Bishop's School, La Jolla, CA
  • Honolulu, Hawaii – Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 11:30, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki

And now for the articles this week:

New:  I’m an Unhappy Vegetarian 

I’m an unhappy vegetarian. There, I said it. I know I’m unhappy because I salivate at commercials from Outback, Chili’s and Applebee’s – and this is disgusting food. Here’s what I’m doing to be healthy, while reconciling my love of animals and my love of food…

More Tomatoes photo by GoErinGo

Favorite: Chile’s “Valley of the Moon” *Video*

Valle de la Luna is located in Chile’s northern Atacama desert. Known for its lunar-like landscapes, the Mars Rover was tested here in the tough terrain. During my tour of the desert, I got to visit 4 remarkable landmarks of natural beauty, full of color and textures. Watch the video of this special moon-scape!

Deep Valley photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week: Island of Mabul, Borneo, Eastern Malaysia

This was a photo taken from a dive boat, looking back at Mabul, a small island off the shore of Eastern Malaysia. This row of houses was a vibrant vision, especially since most of the island is covered by trash left from the sea gypsies who lived there. A beautiful spot, that is drowning in human waste and refuge.

Mabul Beach House photo by GoErinGo

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