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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

More good news on the book tour front!  Mark your calendars for the following Bay Area speaking events and book signings open to the public. Note that 20% of profits from book sales at all speaking engagements will go to a local nonprofit organization.

  • Thursday, Nov. 21 at The Marsh, Berkeley at 5:30 hosted by Altruvistas Travel supporting MISSSEY, an organization that provides services to help heal commercially sexually exploited children.
  • Monday, Nov. 25 at 5:30 pm at The Commonwealth Club of California – Reserve you seat today!  Profit sharing will support The Commonwealth Club.
  • Rotary Clubs Engagements - I’ve added five Bay Area Rotary Clubs and one in Hawaii in November and December. While these are private events, please let me know if you’d like to join the festivities as my guest. Profit sharing will support international Rotary Club scholarships. (I’m a Rotary Club Scholar from my home Honolulu Club. They paid for me to study in Hong Kong for a year!)

Giving Update: Earlier this month, I made my 75th donation through the GoErinGo! Fund! Total giving for the last three years tops $35,510, with 70% of the grants given to nonprofits working overseas and 30% given to U.S.-based organizations.

Many thanks for your help in directing many of these gifts through the Donate My Dollar giving polls! See the full list of worthy orgs here!

And for our articles this week:

New: Helping on the Home Front 

One consequence of a nomadic life is that I see different charitable needs arise depending on location, current support, and changes in philanthropic capabilities. As I observe where I am now, it becomes clear that I need to revisit my personal giving plan to better reflect the world around me. Here’s my thought process:

Erin Volunteering, photo by GoErinGo

Favorite: South Asia Reads 

One of my favorite habits on the road is to read local authors from the country I’m visiting. I think it enhances my understanding of my new surroundings, giving me extra insight on the culture and past history.

A few books that I especially enjoyed while traveling in South Asia are: Sri Lanka - Anil’s Ghost, Thailand - Bangkok 8, and Burma - The Glass Palace. Here’s a short synopsis on these three recommendations:

Bangkok at Night, GoErinGo photo

Photo of the Week: Soaring Snow Bird, Antarctica

One of the best activities during an Antarctic expedition is the Zodiac rides through the ice breaks surround the shore. These heavy duty inflatable rafts got us close enough to the wildlife to see penguins darting about in the water, seals lounging on drifting icebergs, and birds nesting in the snow = Beautiful!

Snow Petral, Antarctica photo by GoErinGo

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