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Aloha Adventure Philanthropists,

Earlier this week I spoke at the Honolulu Rotary Club (my home club that granted me a scholarship to study in Hong Kong many moons ago). To mark the occasion, the president of the club David Shanahan wrote a limerick in my honor = FUN!

Erin, your enthusiasm for adventure and service is astounding
As all stereotype and limitation you seem intent on confounding
And your talk here today
Makes us all take away
A drumbeat of youthful wanderlust in our senses resounding

“Go Erin Go” has been a mantra that you have lived out
Providing substance to the values of Living and Giving you tout
And we in Rotary are glad to have had a part
In the enthusiastic infection of generous heart
You both model and, in young and old, increasingly sprout

Next Tour Stop: Sydney, Australia! Send all your friends to my Wednesday, December 18 presentation and book signing to be held at the Manly Emporium at 7:00 pm. A portion of the books sold will benefit Project Futures, a local nonprofit organization fighting to end sex trafficking. Good times and a good cause!

And now for the articles this week:

New: Share a Smile this Holiday Season

I have a big smile on my face not only because I’m in paradise, but also because I’m participating in the Amazon Smile program. When you buy a Christmas gift on Amazon (like my book!), the company donates .05% of the purchase price to a nonprofit. Here’s the org I chose to help this holiday season:

dosomething.org photo, puppy

Favorite: The Art of the Tan

While in Hawaii, I'm spending a great deal of time at the beach. One reason is because I am a sun-tanning die-hard. In fact, I consider sun tanning a lost art. Here I share with you the 3 cardinal rules to achieving an all-over bronze. Note: This is not an image of me.


Photo of the Week: Mahi Wreck Dive, West Oahu, Hawaii

My new friends Mark and Stu took me out diving last weekend. Our chosen spot was a wreck dive, the Mahi, off the west shore of the island of Oahu. The wreck is home to a diverse array of fish – like this spotted eel Stu snapped during our first dive. He looks to be seriously guarding his home!

Stuart Ganz photo

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See you on the road,


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