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G’Day Adventure Philanthropists,

Landed earlier this week Down Under! I met up with mum and started exploring one of the most live-able cities in the world – Sydney!

Sydney Book Signing: We had an animated group of engaged travelers which is a great way to start the Australian leg of my book tour! Big thanks to my local ambassador Kasia for hosting our event at the Emporium in Manly!

Amazon 5-Star Review: … from Tarah

“I absolutely LOVED this book! …what really sets this book apart from your standard travelogue is that the author puts a focus on having real, authentic experiences in each country she visits…in an approachable, very witty style that really paints a picture… She gives the reader the sense of being with a close friend while she tells you all about her experiences while enjoying a cup of tea together…I'm so glad she shared her journey in this awesome book.”

How you can get your hands on a copy:

And now for the articles this week:

New: Working Out on the Road

Now that I’m back on the road with the book tour, staying in shape is becoming an issue. Here’s how I’m staying fit between flights with some boot camp basics, old-school exercises, and technology-assisted pilates:

Excerise on the Road FP

Favorite: Trekking Colombia’s Lost City

The trek to Colombia’s Lost City covers nearly 27 miles. It’s considered moderately difficult, with lots of steep ascents, some bouldering and only a small jungle path to follow. Here’s why I liked it so much despite being the muddiest trek I’ve ever been on…


Photo of the Week: Vietnamese Food Hawker, Saigon

This photo was snapped walking the streets of Saigon about two years ago. I love the shy smile on her face as she patiently waits on the sidewalk for someone to buy her produce. Her operation is simple, a few pieces of fruit and a scale.

Vietnamese Food Hawker

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Happy Holidays!


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