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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

I’ve had some really great press in the last week that I’d love to share with y’all!

Radio: Interviewed on the Absolutely Everybody program on Melbourne radio station: JOY94.9

Hosted by Jodie Henry of the nonprofit organization annecto, Absolutely Everybody is about sharing common interests. The show focuses on our differences, celebrating our individuality. What I liked about this interview are the questions about inclusiveness worldwide. And we gave away a free book to a lucky listener! Give a listen and tell me what you think!

JOY Crew

Print: “Crossing the borders of difference and indifference, fear and fulfillment” by Phil Jason, in five Florida Weekly papers, Southwest Florida

This was my first independent book review and it was a good one! Calling Adventure Philanthropist “highly original and [an] exciting book” classifying it as “a bold collection of exciting, suspenseful and vivid tales.” Nice!

Here’s an excerpt: “Now, most importantly, she tells us about these places, problems, and people. She offers her own experience as one template for getting others involved. It’s not just the reward of giving – the do-gooder satisfaction – that is made appealing. It is also the growth in self-knowledge, the detailed learning of a range of disciplines, the resilience and endurance in the face of seemingly intractable situations. It is the truly spiritual exhilaration of risk-taking. It is the elation of positive outcomes. It is making a difference, and making it almost every day. . . .”

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FP Erin Michelson, Adventure Philanthropists, Florida Weekly Feb 2014

Print: “Around the World with Erin” by A.C. Shilton in The Journal, Naples, Florida

This article focuses on my views on philanthropy – which I love. It also includes several quotes from my mom Sam, like: “Erin has always been a woman of action; if she sets her mind to something she does it,” says her mother, Sam Michelson, who lives in Naples.” Sweet!

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FP The Journal, Around the World with Erin

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