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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

Last weekend I volunteered at a fundraising party for a local nonprofit organization, Collier County Childcare Resources, which helps high school-aged mothers stay in school by providing childcare and other assistance.

They do great work and I was happy to follow the photographer around, taking down the names of the local party patrons as he snapped their pictures for the society pages. The only problem with this “assignment” was that I’m a bit dyslexic, which means I may not have spelled all the names exactly right – oops! (Hey, it was loud with the band and those people were slurring!).

In honor of my semi-successful volunteering gig last week, I decided to start this week’s newsletter off with a wee joke:

Two dyslexics walk into a bra.

Hahahahahahaha! My type of funny…

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And now for the articles this week:

New: Backlash over BanBossy

Wow, women in the blogosphere are sure heated about the recently launched BanBossy campaign. I’ve been following the controversy with interest, both as a feminist and as someone with personal experience with the “bossy” moniker. Now I’m weighing in.


Favorite: Why You Always / Never Invite an Irish Girl to a Brewfest

Here’s the juice: My name is Erin, I’m part Irish, and I sometimes have red hair. Consequently, St. Patrick’s Day is more or less a national holiday for me. Here’s how I celebrated a few years back…And a few pics of me in my “Fighting Irish” DeSales Catholic Junior High School uniforms!

Fighting Irish 2

Photo of the Week: Chinese Junk, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

I spent two days sailing on Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam. It was picturesque for sure, with the junks emerging out of the morning mist and sailing past at sunset. Here’s one I snapped as the sun was setting one night…

Junk on Halong Bay, Vietnam

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