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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

To celebrate Earth Day earlier this week, we humans representing 192 countries committed 1,019,907,604 “Acts of Green” -- individual acts of environmental service including composting, reducing energy use, or eating local. Nicely done!

Didn’t get a chance to show your support for environmental sustainability? It’s not too late! You can still make your pledge to commit acts of environmental conservation. I did!

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And now for the articles this week:

New: Who I Walk With

This is the 4th article in my DeliveringHappiness.com series > After just returning from three years of traveling, I'm looking to re-establish a home base back here in the States. In a way, I’m immigrating back to my home country and as I do so I find myself in a state of transformation and reinvention. Here’s who’s supporting me along the way…

Grace Paley Quote FP

Favorite: Why I’m not Volunteering at an Orphanage (even though I really want to)

While traveling, one of the volunteer activities I had been looking forward to the most was volunteering at a Cambodian orphanage. That is, until I was brought up to speed on the current debate about the ill-effects of short-time volunteers on vulnerable groups like children. Here's what I learned...


Photo of the Week: Erin Goes Global Map

Here's a snapshot of my worldwide travels. The red dots are the 62 countries that I visited during 2012-13, and the black dots are the 60-some countries I had visited prior to 2012. Much of the world I’ve covered, but there is still more to go – ¡Olé!

Erin Goes Global Map

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