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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yep, this coming Monday is May 5th, a day to celebrate Mexico’s victory over French forces during the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Cinco de Mayo is also an excuse to eat yummy Mexican food, drink a Corona, and maybe go to a parade. However you wish to celebrate one chant is always appropriate -- all together now: ¡Viva Mexico!

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And now for the articles this week:

New: Himalayan Haunting

Last Friday was the deadliest day ever on Mt. Everest, with 19 Sherpas losing their lives. The story particularly hit home because of my own experience climbing in the Himalayas. While the experience was one of the best of my life, one image on the mountain continues to haunt me…


Favorite: Mini State of Mind

My stove broke and I had to live without this major modern convenience for more than a week. But doing without got me thinking of all the other appliances that I depend upon that maybe I don’t really need. Here’s what I deem unnecessary…

Brigittes_Stove, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week: Bird of Paradise, Waikiki

During my last trip to Honolulu, I decided to stay right in Waikiki so I could walk to the Diamond Head volcano each day and scoot to the beach anytime I wanted. Here’s a floral beauties that I spied during one of my daily hikes -- A Bird of Paradise in paradise!

bird of paradise, photo by GoErinGo

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See you on the road amigos!


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