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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

So I’ve had happy hour with four friends this week, a lovely Sunday brunch, a phone call from an old friend in Hawaii, and a fabulous “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” play day this week. All big fun!

As I’ve been hanging out with my friends, they’ve all been commenting how “happy” I look and sound. And it’s true -- I am uber happy these days and this newsletter gives you a little insight as to why…

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And now for the articles this week:

New: Bottling Happiness – Keep a Gratitude Jar!

This is the fifth article in my DeliveringHappiness.com series:

For Mother’s Day this year I decided to give my mom a year’s worth of appreciation – I made her a Gratitude Jar. A Gratitude Jar is a container filled with slips of paper with words and ideas that symbolize all the goodness in our lives, like…

FP Gratitude Jar 1, photo by GoErinGo

Favorite: Chew on this > Mind Mapping

The last two days I’ve found myself creating a new mind map and talking with friends about it. It’s stirred up a bit of interest, so I thought I’d share this past post with y’all.  Mind mapping is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, or tasks arranged around a central key word or idea. Here’s how I use mine…


Photo of the Week: My Personal California Sunset

So this is the view from my lanai at my new digs in Cali – pretty nice, eh? I hang out here during the day eating meals, doing yoga at sunset, and in general, just appreciating the serene beauty. Hope you like it too!

California Sunset, photo by GoErinGo

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See you on the road jellybeans!


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