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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

I’m as patriotic as any American (read: lots), maybe even more so, since nothing makes you more appreciative of your home country and its way of life than traveling overseas.

That said, on America’s 238th birthday, I couldn’t be more disappointed in the direction this country is heading, led by our Supreme Court, the branch of government I once revered the most.

This isn’t a political blog, so I won’t rant, but I am deeply sadden by recent court decisions that I believe are limiting the freedoms that many American hold dear. So this July 4th, instead of celebrating, I’m left contemplating the future of my country.

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And now for the articles this week:

Recommended > 7 Facts about the Star-Spangled Banner

In lieu of writing a new piece this week, I opted to share this Smithsonian article by Victoria Altman on 7 little-known facts about the U.S.’s first flag. I like this kind of historical snapshot and hope you do too! Don’t miss the video on (undoing) the flag’s restoration effort = fascinating!

StarSpangled banner

Favorite > Searching for American’s Small-town Values

During my “Thelma without Louise” American West road trip a few years back, I was curious to check on the pulse of our so-called American values. I found lots of examples of down-homeness—not all that I agreed with. Here’re 3 “values” that struck me…

Jackson_Hole_Rodeo_Prayer, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week > Fireworks over the Capitol

This photo is a Getty image from USA Today’s article recommending the 10 Best Firework Displays on the 4th of July. Purty!

Capitol Fireworks, Getty image

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