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Earlier this week noted South African writer Nadine Gordimer, winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature, died. Gordimer’s work first came to my attention during my second trip to South Africa when her name was often mentioned as an African writer to read.

In addition to her many books, she wrote more than 30 articles for The New Yorker. These articles are available through the magazine’s online archive. This summer, I’ll be making the time to read her gifted work.

AP the Book > This week we hit a new high in book sales with a one-day record of 90 books sold -- Yippee!

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And now for the articles this week:

New > My Summer Cottage *Video*

A benefit of living as a nomad is that I get to stay in all manner of places. My most recent abode was a small cottage nestled among the vineyards of Sonoma. Here’s a peek at my cottage nest and how I spent my month of solitude:


Favorite > Erin’s Guide to Haggling

Half the fun of buying something is getting a bargain. I’m definitely one of those people who will tell you the price I paid whenever I receive a compliment. “Like my bracelet?” I only paid $4 for it in Uruguay!” Here’re my 10-steps for getting the best price possible:


Photo of the Week > Panama Viejo Ruins

Panama Viejo, founded in 1519, it is the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas. These ancient ruins are a stone’s throw from metropolitan Panama City, but you’d never guess. The afternoon I visited, I was the only one there.

Ruins with Arch

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