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Hi Adventure Philanthropists!

I’m so pleased to announce the latest publication in the Adventure Philanthropist Series—Adventure Philanthropist: More Fear.

Adventure Philanthropist: More Fear is a “bonus chapter,” available as an eBook for only $0.99. Available in 2 formats:


iBook, nook, & Kobo

About "More Fear"

Traveling alone across the globe, I began to eat fear for breakfast—taking large bites and swallowing any doubts that lingered at the edge of my consciousness. I learned to devour danger, to fry up fright and serve it sunny-side up with my morning coffee.

Even though I was afraid, my scary encounters were exhilarating. Nothing gets your heart pumping like swimming with crocodiles or hearing a scream in the dead of night, being caught up in an inescapable maze or hitchhiking through a Middle Eastern desert.

Fear consumed me during my trip and I consumed it. Here—try a taste with me.

Donating 100% of Profits

All profits from the sale of Adventure Philanthropist: More Fear will be donated to nonprofit organizations that help protect women and children. As I travel around the world, I understand that I am merely a visitor. The women and children who live in these harsh environments are the ones with real courage. I never forget that my fear is fleeting. Their fear—of physical violence while collecting fire wood, walking to school, and working in fields and factories—is permanent.

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