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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

This weekend I welcome friends from London! I can’t wait to show them around my current hometown and show off the beauty that is San Francisco! Look for fun photos to be shared on Facebook!

Book Tour > REI in Saratoga, Sept. 3

I’ll be speaking on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 7:00 pm at the REI – Saratoga. It’s free, so reserve your seat today!

AP the Book > One of my guests is Lucy, my former African safari tent-mate and first editor of Adventure Philanthropist! I know Lucy would want y’all to read the book she encouraged me to write so get your copy today. Available on both Lulu.com and Amazon – Happy Reading!

And now for the articles this week:

New > Saudi Arabia: To Go or Not to Go?

I was recently asked to visit Saudi Arabia to speak at a girls’ school. My instant reply: Yes! But then I thought a bit more about it and now I’m not so sure since the country is governed by Sharia law. Should I go or not?

Photo of Women

Favorite > Sharing Some Flotel Flavor 

Ever hear of a flotel? It’s a raft hotel that floats on a river. It’s cool, but I admit, it’s not for the faint of heart since you need to contend with the likelihood of fire, water-borne diseases, and swimming in the midst of elephant poop. Here’s the low-down in case you’re tempted:

Flotel, photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week > Mother & Child, Thai-Burma Border

I took this photo while visiting a village in Northern Thailand, near the border with Burma. The shop was the front section of the family’s home and the mother graciously allowed us tourists to snap away at her and her adorable son.


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