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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

Where has the year gone?! It's already mid-November and 2015 is right around the corner! How exciting to think about the start of another year and all that it offers. What about you -- any exciting plans in the offing?

Book Review > A totally sweet endorsement from my friend Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director, Ethical Traveler, and author of many books, including Shopping for Buddhas, which I just read and recommend:

“I am loving your book. It's like being with Erin, but in book form. Informative, big-hearted, generous, gutsy, funny, charming and utterly unpretentious.’’

Speaking Tour > WOW – Three great engagements this week! First was Sunday’s volunteer day with REI Sacramento where members and volunteers helped clear trails for the Placer Land Trust. Then I had an intimate conversation with readers at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland, with sales going to support the Women's Cancer Resource Center.

And this weekend at I’ll be giving a more formal presentation about Living an Adventure Philanthropist Life at Book Passage in Marin. It’s sure to be a fun event – Join us if you can:

Sunday, Nov. 16 @ 4:00 Book Passage - Marin

And now for the articles this week:

New > Me in Microcosm

A 3-day interlude is a blank canvas of time. And you have the tools in your pocket to draw your own picture. What activities would fill your time? What words and images would consume your thoughts? What emotions would you feel? This is how I spent last weekend…

Get Wet Quote photo by GoErinGo

Favorite > MESSAGE: Rome *Video*

Rome has been described as a “charming but exasperating lover.” How true! With a treasure-trove of relics and a population of nearly 4 million (but more than double that with tourists), Rome will surely test your endurance and your patience. (Wait … is this my definition of a lover?!) Don’t miss my 7 insider tips on Rome!

Piazza-Novano photo by GoErinGo

Photo of the Week > Madrid in December

A few Christmases back, we spent the holidays traveling to Spain and Portugal. This is one of Madrid’s central parks, filled with people enjoying a bit of nature in the urban setting – despite the abnormally chilly temperatures!

P18 copy

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