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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

Did you participate in #GivingTuesday earlier this week? I did! And *big thanks* to those of you who suggested nonprofit organizations for my annual donation.

Based on your recommendations, I decided to split my donation—one domestic and one global:

Buy Books as Gifts > Looks like I’ll be attending a raucous holiday party this weekend dressed as an elf (photo *maybe* to follow). As an official Santa’s Helper, I feel obligated to encourage you to give the gift of inspiration this holiday season:

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And now for the articles this week:

New > Breaking Trails

One of the great benefits of my REI partnership is that in each of the major cities—LA, San Francisco and Sacramento, I participate in a volunteer days with REI members working with local land conversation groups. That’s how I found myself one bright Sunday morning high in the hills of Auburn….

Circle of volunteers 2

Favorite > Packing Video for 1 Week Away

With many of us heading off to see family for a short holiday get-away, I thought I’d share one of my packing video with y’all. Here I am in Burma for the week, showing you what I packed. I’m calling this my Week Away Pack or “WAP” Strategy. Check out my packing list and watch the how I fit it all in!


Photo of the Week > Fun in Fiji

The first stop on my round-the-world trip was Fiji - Seriously how cool was that?! Polynesia holds a deep place in my heart and Fiji is just one more country for me to love. As we hoped about the island, we ran into this delightful group of friends having a bit of merriment, showing the warmth and joy that the island nation is known for.

P23 copy

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Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!

Erin the Elf

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