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Hi Adventure Philanthropists,

So I didn’t get to dress up like an elf for my party last weekend, something about having a knock-out version of the flu, plus the party being moved outdoors, plus my elf ears stuck in the 3D printing queue...

But no matter – I’m still all jolly and energized for the holiday giving season! Mainly because I’ll be volunteering this year with St. Vincent de Paul serving Xmas dinner, and helping out in the laundry, and maybe even stuck cleaning bathrooms (Ewwww…)!

Holiday Gifts > While I’m scrubbing away, you can be shopping! C’mon share a little inspiration this season and buy the Adventure Philanthropist for your friends, family, and colleagues! As a printed book from Amazon or LuLu, or the eBook version for the Kindle or nook / iBook.

FP snowman promo

And now for the articles this week:

New > Your Letters, Answered

Lots of speaking engagements means lots of letter from readers – Awesome! Here’re a few that I get fairly frequently—inquiries about internships, book club readings and travel advice. Here I'm sharing some of the inquiries and my replies with y’all.


Favorite > Talk Like an Egyptian

Rarely have I traveled to a country or region and absorbed so little of the language. Rats! Arabic got the best of me during this trip to Egypt, but I’m still fascinated by the language, especially the beautiful script. Here’s what I found so fascinating…

calligraphy FP

Photo of the Week > Snow Petrel, Antarctica

Caught this photo of a snow petrel mid-flight. As one of only 3 birds that breed exclusively in the South Pole, the snow petrel is an iconic Antarctic species. I just love the way they silently soared among the icebergs and ice floes.

P24 copy

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Hope you are enjoying the Giving Season!

Erin, the almost-Elf

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