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Catherine_KarnowCatherine is a new friend of mine who likes to eat crab as much as I do. She is also a renowned photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian magazine, Conde Nast, among others.

As Catherine travels around the work on assignment, she gets to engage with people on a really intimate level – like the families she met while working with the nonprofit group Children of Vietnam.

After she left Vietnam, Catherine was asked to help fund a boat for a family which has two disabled sons. Since the flood season was approaching and the boys couldn’t walk, the family needed a boat so they could escape the flood waters if necessary. Catherine and her father donated the $300-$400 necessary to buy the emergency evacuation boat.

Meet this family and view Catherine’s photo essay:


4.5 million Vietnamese, as well as American soldiers, were exposed to Agent Orange / Dioxin during the Vietnam War. Hot spots in southern Vietnam, like Da Nang, continue to be affected by extremely high levels of cancer and birth defects which are passed down genetically. You can find out more at MakeAgentOrangeHistory.

An amazing woman doing important work – Go Catherine Go!

Photo courtesy of Catherine Karnow

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