Adventure Philanthropy: Come along and change your world.™

Adventure Philanthropyis all about philanthropy for common people:  affordable philanthropy, accessible philanthropy.

With adventure philanthropy, we don’t have to be rich to engage in a meaningful way – we can volunteer, give small donations, join a twibe, participate in conversations about issues we care about.

Most importantly, Adventure Philanthropy is *fun*!

I talk about philanthropy in terms of my traveling because that’s what I love to do most and so I’ve combined my twin passions. Adventure Philanthropy is equal parts destination and inspiration. This blog and my monthly newsletter, is a way for me to share with you all this fabulosity! I want y’all to get excited too! See these fascinating places and meet these amazing people. People like Nieve and Caroline, British doctors administering pain medication to those living with HIV/AIDS and cancer in Kampala’s slums. Or Wolf, who attended a week-long rave in the mountains bordering Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. (OK, so Wolf wasn’t healing the sick, but he did attend one kick-ass party!) And yes, I have a few crazy stories of my own…

Get started. Check out these posts:

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