April Media Mentions

Heading_into_HellOops – one of these mentions slipped in at the end of March – but it’s a big one, so be sure and check it out! Another reference to GoErinGo by www.FoxNews.com. Here’re an excerpt of the first part of the article and my mention:

Published March 27 – The Ultimate Tipping Guide by Paul Eisenberg

“Money is tight these days, everyone seems to have a hand in your pocket, and that’s just when you’re at home. Once on vacation you’ll confront multiple times what’s often the most vexing and awkward decision for a traveler: Do you tip this guy or gal standing before you, and if so, how much? And if you do tip, what’s in it for you? If you don’t have a tipping strategy to speak of, herein are a dozen tips on tipping for your next trip.” Read more:

And the GoErinGo mention (yay!):

“9. If you’re unsure about what to tip while on guided sports activities, world traveler Erin Michelson, who has been on kayaking, diving, and jungle hiking trips, among others, says “for these I always tip between 5-10% of the trip cost, especially if the guide is in charge of your physical safety and really works to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. I usually split the tip 5% to the head guide and 5% to the crew.” For more garden-variety day tours, she says she gives “a straight $5- $10 a day for a guide that performs his or her job well, provides a lot of good information, and patiently answers questions.”

Published April 17 by www.Travelated.com: Living Dangerously in Vietnam

Mt_Biking_in_Action“For the last several weeks, I’ve been traveling through the South and Central regions of Vietnam. And boy, do I like this country!

The landscape is varied – mountains, beaches, ancient cities, temples. And magnificent to look at. It’s also been a blast to explore – especially for an adrenaline junkie like me. Here’re two active escapades that were particularly enjoyable! Read more about my mountain biking and abseiling exploits! 

Published April 3 by www.Travelated.com: Exploring the Underwater Wonders of Palawan, Philippines

2_Boats_Secret_Lagoon“On the traveling circuit, I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the Philippine islands: pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, some of the best diving around. And after a short 3-week visit, I have to say I agree.

The islands are stunningly beautiful, not only top side, but under the water as well. I’ve never had so much fun frolicking in the ocean – snorkeling and diving and swimming with abandon. Here’s a taste of my underwater adventures:

Read more about:

  • · Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River
  • · El Nido’s Hidden Lagoons
  • · Coron’s Wreck Diving

Thanks for checking out the articles! :o )

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