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Inji-and-Erin-in-CairoStarting October 2013, I will once again adopt my nomadic lifestyle and travel around the United States, Australia and Canada sharing my stories of worldwide adventure.

The Go Erin Go Bodacious Book Tour features:

  • $10,000 in Donations
  • 28 Cities
  • 14 Months
  • 8 Audiences
  • 3 Countries: U.S. / Canada / Australia
  • 1 Goal: To promote a living and giving lifestyle—one centered on giving back, continually learning, and pushing personal boundaries.

Local Lowdown

What to join the fun? Great – because I need your help! I’m looking for individuals willing to act as hometown “Ambassadors” – giving me the local lowdown, including suggesting speaking venues, providing introductions to local nonprofits where I can volunteer, and helping me engage local media.

Proposed cities on the 14-month tour include:











Las Vegas

Los Angeles





New Orleans

New York City




San Diego

San Francisco





Washington DC

Kris & ErinSharing Stories & Sharing Profits

What makes this book tour different? Not only am I sharing my stories, I’m also sharing the profits! Each stop on the book tour will be paired with a nonprofit organization that will share in the profits gained from book sales at that venue.

Do you know a worthy nonprofit that’s willing to host a speaking event, promote the event on social media outlets, and allow me to participate in a volunteering experience? I’m all ears. Send suggestions my way.

If a hometown nonprofit doing fabulously important work but can’t offer any of the above – No worries! I’m still happy to consider how I might be able to support the organization’s good works.

Diverse Audience Appeal

I truly believe my presentation and book Adventure Philanthropist: Great Adventure Volunteering Abroad have diverse audience appeal.

Erin at Greenwich Country Day School, 2013I’m looking to have 3-5 events per city, reaching as many types of audiences as possible. The adventure philanthropy message resonates with:

  • Universities: Whether it’s interest in a gap year or summer volunteer program, students understand the life-changing attraction of international travel.
  • Independent & Public Schools: Private and public high schools are focusing on promoting a public service curriculum to encourage their students to give back to their communities.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Committed to helping nonprofit organizations increase assets, hosting a speaking engagement is one way to build an audience and generate revenue.
  • Religious Institutions: The adventure philanthropist message is open to all faiths.
  • Conferences: Conferences focused on media, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and women leaders are especially applicable.  
  • Associations: Civic associations, such as Rotary Clubs, are welcome audiences.
  • Public Spaces: I’m happy to speak at libraries, neighborhood centers and town festivals.
  • Corporations: Speaking with diversity groups, including women advancement and empowerment groups, within corporations is encouraged.   

SF Food Bank, SF Gate photoNext Steps

Think you might want to get involved? Awesome! Write me at and we’ll get you in the loop with a:

  • Speaker’s Introduction: Even more details on the upcoming book tour.
  • Google Hangout: An invitation to join me on a Google Hangout to brainstorm ideas on how to reach out to your local communities.
  • Media Training: I will provide you with a draft Media Alert and coaching on how to engage local media outlets. Always happy to participate in radio shows and local television.

Thank you for considering joining me on this new adventure! We will be having BIG fun along the way!

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