Best Meal of All Time!

Islands off Auckland, New Zealand

Two hamburgers with fried egg, slices of beet root, carrots and pineapple, served with fries sprinkled with vinegar. I had just arrived in New Zealand (and was 14ish) and met a group of friends who were going trekking on one of the off-shore islands for a few days. My parents decided to trust me and let me go with these new-found friends (that was a mistake on their part, but they were young at the time and trusted me).

We took a ferry to one of the islands and set off tramping around the sheep farms. At night, we got cold and ended up climbing up into one of the hay barns to sleep and play spin the bottle. We had a couple of bottles of Crème de Menthe to keep us warm.Well, too much drinking meant too many trips to the “bathroom” which meant literally falling down the two-story hay wall. I’m kinda of surprised none of us broke our necks, since I, for one, took a couple of pretty good tumbles, landing on my back at the bottom. After a couple of days of this scenario, we headed back to the mainland and gorged ourselves on these multi-dimensional hamburgers on the dock. Really – nothing’s ever tasted better.

Note: I told (ok, ok, I lied) my parents that there was a teacher, Mrs. So and So, that was going as a chaperone. When I returned, my Dad asked me about her, and I was, like, who? He just shook his head at me…Let’s just say I was already trying my parents’ patience early on. I actually felt kinda of bad because Dad had bought me a whistle in case I got lost in the wilderness…, yeah.

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 and is filed under Food & Drink.

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