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GoErinGo was nominated for the 7 Links Project by Rease Kirchner of – Thanks Rease! The Project is a way for bloggers to revisit some of their best posts.

I simply thought it might be a nice way to share some of GoErinGo’s more popular posts (out of the ~400 that I’ve written). Below are the 7 GoErinGo posts that I think are noteworthy.

Disagree with my choices? I’m happy to be wrong and hear which ones you’d chose and why! Write me

#1 – Most Beautiful Post

This category is meant to highlight great photography, so my contribution is: “Morocco: Top 25 Photos.” I visited Morocco several years ago and was amazed how such a small country could deliver such a cultural wallop! The Sahara Desert, the High Atlas Moutains, endless bizaares and souks, white-washed seaside towns and Roman ruins – each was a spectacular site (and sight!).

#2 – Most Popular Post

Hands down, the winner here is “How to Survive a Scorpion Sting.” My good friend Clara and I were traveling around Central America when she got stung by a scorpion on the island of Ometempe in Nicaragua. I was going to save her. Maybe.

#3 – Most Controversial Post

To Whirl or Not to Whirl: A Dervish Debate” —  To me, this post addresses about the conflict that we all encounter as travelers: Are we participating in the prostitution of a culture and country that we’re visiting? Or are we helping to build awareness and appreciation for indigenous cultures?

It’s a tough call, but I fall into the camp of witnessing the great cultures around the world, but doing so in a respectful way. Which side of the line do you fall on?

#4 – Most Helpful Post

As I travel around, I’m always asked practical questions like how I manage my money from afar. “All Things Money” is my system for keeping money safe, while ensuing I have enough access at all times. It’s a slightly convoluted approach, but then I’ve been the target of several attempted muggings, so I tend to err on the side of hyper vigilance.

#5 – Most Surprising Success

It’s not surprising that this three-part post about being kidnapped while in Vietnam is a success. What is surprising is my utter stupidity that’s recounted in “Drugged, Kidnapped & (almost) Sold into Slavery: Vietnam on a Dime.” I mean it’s truly mind-boggling how I let this drama roll on for days. My only defense? I was 23 at the time.

#6 – Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

I recounted my visit to the Philippine island of Culion in the post “My Holiday at the World’s Largest Leper Colony”. This 3-day trip was just a few months ago and it continues to resonate with me. I learned so much by visiting this spot well off the beaten track — from the people, from the solitude, and from the history of the place. I love it when I learn something new both about a destination and about myself!

#7 – Post I am Most Proud of

I’d have to say it’s the post: “As Good as Giving Gets” about the time I visited a primary school in Tanzania’s Usambara Mountains. This is one experience that greatly influenced my life and helped me form the kernel of my Adventure Philanthropist philosophy. It’s not to much to say it was a turning point for me.

And My 5 Nominations

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