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CA_Big_SaladHere’s the view from my front stoop. Pretty amazing, eh?

I have the mountains in the background, the flowers in front of me and my Big Salad on my lap.

It was nearing 90 degrees today even as we approach October, but nice and cool as it turns to evening.  This is California living!

So what’s in my Big Salad, you ask? My favorites: mixed greens, with pre-cooked lentils and beets, found in the produce department at Trader Joe’s. I’m seriously addicted.

As well as addicted to the lemon dressing I use. A couple of you are always asking for more recipes, so here you go. This was passed along from my Mom’s friend Jane (I think). Fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice is the key.

Lemon Dressing:  It matters the order you add ingredients…

  • • Sprinkle salad with onion powder and garlic powder, mix
  • • Drizzle on grapeseed oil (or other high-end oil), mix
  • • Add about 2-4 tables spoons of fresh-squeezed Meyer Lemon juice (using Meyers definitely makes a difference!), mix
  • • Sprinkle with French grey sea salt, mix
  • • So very Californian.

CA_TomatoesAnother amazing feature of my California life is my tomato garden. Earlier this spring I decided to focus on growing just one vegetable: tomatoes!

The result is that every morning I pick a handful of sweet beauties. Check these puppies out!

There’re never very many of them, usually just enough for lunch. My favorite is a plateful of sliced avocado, sliced tomatoes, with a little feta cheese on top and just a touch of balsamic vinaigrette.

As you can tell, veggies are my favorite food. But just when did I turn into Mrs. Tomatohead?

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