Call me “Moth” – A Woman Who Made a Name for Herself

Moth  in her elementMarch 31, 2010 — Naples, FL

I’ve known at least 3 women who’ve changed their names later in life: my mom Sam, my friend Alex, and a former colleague Anita.

I wholeheartedly support naming one’s self – nothing could be more liberating than deciding what you’d like others to call you.

Moth in her element

Margaret Moth renamed herself as well. Originally Margaret Wilson, she chose the surname Gipsy Moth because of her love of parachuting out of a Tiger Moth airplane. For her, flying through the air was an appropriate metaphor for her life.

A Moth in  the air

A Moth in the air

And what a life she led. Seriously, if I could be anyone, it’d be Margaret Moth. (Actually, I’d really really like to be Gwen Stefani too, but I digress.)

Ms. Moth was one of the first female photojournalists to cover a war zone and is remembered by her friends as “fearless,” “brave,” and “amazing.”  I say remembered because she died last week. Of cancer, which she herself said was a bit anticlimactic, given she’d pulled herself from death’s grasp on a regular basis.

In fact, The Moth was almost killed by sniper fire in Sarajevo while covering the Bosnian War. Instead, she survived with half her face blown off. Even this didn’t stop her as she continued her career bringing the horrific images of war into our consciousness and our homes.

Moth is truly a role model for how to live a life that you create. A life lived on your own terms. A life truly lived.

A salute to Margaret Moth and the fearless women she represents.

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