Chew on this: Check out these Fun Features!

I was hanging with my friend Tammy a couple of weeks ago (watching the semi-finals of the U.S. Open – fabulous!)

During commercial breaks, we were on the web tooling around, and I showed her a couple of cool features of the site. She was like “you should tell people about these!”  And so I am.

Here are 3 *fun* features on Go Erin Go: 

Go_Erin_Go_Visitors_MapVisitors Map:  Showing where our readers live

This is my favorite feature – I always go there first! It’s map of the world with blue stars marking where the last 100 visitors hail from.

The globe is nicely represented. For instance, 12 Aussies, 12 Asians with Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Indonesian all representing! Even Dubai is in the house!

If one of the stars is red, that means that person is currently online. Tres cool! I’m sort of addicted to this feature.

Fund Thermometer: Donate My Dollars details

This feature is on most every page and provides information on where the Go Erin Go! Fund gives money, including:

goeringo_fund_them-clean• Total Giving Amount

• Giving by Sector (with colorful pie chart)

• Giving to U.S. vs. International charities

• Listing of specific nonprofit organizations receiving grants and the amounts

It also provides a link to the current Donate My Dollar campaign. We just launched a new one on Saturday: Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Your choice will help determine if we give $1,000 to help teens stay off drugs, stay out of bed, or let go of guns. Vote now!

We had 67 people participate in the last round – nice going Adventure Philanthropists!

Go_Erin_Go_World_Map_copyWorld Map: Finding articles by country

Click on the Erin’s Blog tab and you’ll see the map in the top right corner, click on it.

You’ll then see a map of the world, scroll over the different regions and watch them turn red, and click on, say, Africa.

Next scroll over the individual countries and click on, say, Kenya.

You’ll get a 1 sentence intro about what I think of Kenya: “The safaris and sunsets are unmatched, and the people are energized by their future.” Um, that’s kinda of hokey, but whatever.

Then click on the “Read more” link and 4 articles about my time in Kenya appear: 3 having to do with my run-in with a smuggler on the Kenya-Uganda border and another article about a Giant African Rat named Ziko.

Hope you have fun surfing the site! Remember, your comments / suggestions are always welcome!

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