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Closet-2Two months ago, I wrote a post called A French Twist on Living Mini, where I pledged that by Nov. 1, I would whittle my wardrobe to 25 + 1 items, 5 + 1 coats and 5 + 1 pairs of shoes. (The +1 items are a “bonus” I gave myself in each category).

Back to Basics

Well this weekend I did it!

Just check out this closet shot – These are the clothes I’m giving away! (Actually there’re several laundry baskets full of more clothes that are not pictured).

I cleaned out my closet and now I own a total of:

  • 26 items – yippee!
  • 7 coats (One more than “allowed.” I had forgotten about a purple faux fur-trimmed tapestry coat that begged to stay with me.)
  • 8 pairs of shoes (I couldn’t give up the red patent boots I got in Copenhagen, or the leopard print heels with red wedges – so shoot me!)

Happiness All Around

I now have a new “streamlined” look. What I also have is a greater sense of freedom. Funny, right?

My friends asked me if I feel depressed to see all my possessions scoot out the door. But it’s just the opposite. I feel elated – lighter, freer, happier.

Erin-ShoesI’m happy because a couple of my good friends are taking the majority of the bounty. Here’s my friend Erin who took a whole lotta shoes, including ALL my boots. That’s why she looks so happy!

And I guess that’s really the point about Living Mini. It’s not about down-sizing, it’s about getting rid of the extraneous so you can make room in your life for more important things. Like sharing your favorite items with friends.

It’s amazing to me how little all that “stuff” in our lives matter. In fact, it’s actually getting in the way.

Clothes Challenge

I’d like you to experience the freedom of Living Mini too! I challenge each of you to give up just 10 items of clothing and donate them. Then write back and tell us how you feel.

C’mon – it’s just 10 pieces of clothing! I promise you someone else will cherish them!

What are you waiting for? There’s peace and serenity and happiness within your grasp! Go for it!

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