College Students Inquire! *Videos*

How cool is this? Dr. Alicia Morgan included Adventure Philanthropist in her course curriculum at Southwest Illinois College. Her freshman English composition class of 120 students were asked to read about volunteerism, social action, and philanthropy.


She chose both my book and Adam Braun’s book The Promise of a Pencil. She felt that both texts would connect with the students, motivate them to “make a difference,” and give them exposure to the world. Nice!

According to the professor, “[The students] really enjoyed learning about your experiences, and the book prompted them to have many thoughts and questions about social action… They are curious if you would be able to answer some of their questions…” Of course!


Here’s the list of 12 questions chosen randomly by Dr. Morgan:

Questions for Erin Michelson


I went ahead and recorded 3 videos, segmenting the questions into:

Video 1 > My impressions from the trip

Can’t see the video? Click this link: Video 1

Video 2 > What I learned on my travels

Can’t see the video? Click this link: Video 2

Video 3 > About the writing process

Can’t see the video? Click this link: Video 3


Apparently, the students were excited to hear about my life as an adventure philanthropist and author. But I bet they were only half as excited as I was to have this dialogue with them.

For me this is a dream come true—for Adventure Philanthropist to be included in a school curriculum and to have the opportunity to share my experiences with young people who are eager to learn about and explore the world around them. Bon Voyage!

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