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I truly believe that gift-wrapping is an art form. To me, the packaging of a gift is as important as the gift inside. But you don’t need a ton of wrapping supplies to wrap a beautiful gift – just a few pretty bags and bows.


Gift Bags, Boxes, Ribbons, Wrap, Tissue, Bows, Tags, & Cards. Seriously, it can all fit in one box. My favorite are the under-the-bed storage units that accommodate rolls of wrapping paper and keep everything dry and segregated in one spot.


We’re not talking re-gifting! Just re-using your ribbon and wrap a few times. And with gift tags, the left side is usually still good…


When you do tear into gifts, re-cycle the paper, boxes and tissue. Even the shiny bags can be recycled.

The key to controlling Xmas clutter: Keep like-items together, always. Lights, tree ornaments, stockings – place them all in a plastic storage bin and put out of sight in the garage or a top shelf of a closet until next year.

Now that’s how you clean up during the holidays!


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