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Water is one of the most pressing issues in the world today — that’s why I’ve chosen Drop in the Bucket as the beneficiary of my Project for Awesome.

Drop in the Bucket is a nonprofit organization that has built nearly 100 wells in East Africa, providing clean safe drinking water and sanitation to tens of thousands of people.

These wells have literally changed the lives of everyone in the community. Kids no longer have to decide whether to walk to the well or to walk to school. And the women of the villages now have the spare time and extra water to grow a garden. Truly life changing.

Contribute to Erin’s Well

As part of Project for Awesome, I have committed to sponsoring one well in East Africa and I will match every dollar raised! So if y’all contribute $2,750, I’ll match it with $2,750 from the Go Erin Go! Fund. Together we can breathe new life into a community – just add water!


Where’s the Well?

Not only can we build a well together, we get to choose where it will be! Location is important because I’ll be filming the building of the well for 2 weeks. That’s right – you get to send me to one of the countries below:


Top 10 Water Facts

Here’s more information on the importance of clean water:

  • 1.  More than half of Africa’s people lack access to safe drinking water
  • 2.  Each flush of the toilet uses the same amount of water that one person in the Third World uses all day for washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking.
  • 3.  12 million people die each year from lack of safe drinking water, including more than 3 million who die from waterborne diseases.
  • 4.  80% of the disease in developing countries is related to poor drinking water and sanitation.
  • 5.  The average distance a woman in Africa and Asia walks to collect water is 3.75 miles.
  • 6. The weight of water that women in Asia and Africa carry on their heads is equivalent to the maximum baggage weight allowed by airlines: 44 lbs
  • 7.  In some parts of Africa, women expend as much as 85% of their daily energy intake on getting water, increasing incidences of anemia and other health problems.
  • 8.  If the world’s water fit into a one gallon bucket, all of the water available to us to drink would be the equivalent of only one tablespoon.
  • 9.  Every day 10,000 children under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses.
  • 10. Every $1 spent on water and sanitation generates a return of $9 in saved time, increased productivity and reduced health costs in Africa.

Support my Project for Awesome and Drop in the Bucket today!

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