Dune Sports! *Video*

I am a die-hard fan of playing in the sand and my recent trip to the famous Namib Desert provided me with yet another opportunity to get a little gritty! Here’re my favorite dune sports:

Morocco – Riding the Dunes

I first tried my hand at sand sports several years ago in Morocco’s Sahara Desert where I grabbed the opportunity to ride ATVs with abandon! It was seriously some of the most fun I’ve ever had!

(Although, admittedly, environmentally unfriendly.)

I also tried to teach myself to sandboard (with little luck).

Check out my attempts at surfing the Sahara’s slopes:

Can’t view this video? Click on this link: Erin Sandboards the Sahara 

Abu Dhabi – Dune Driving

I didn’t expect driving the dunes in a 4WD would be so exhilarating – but it was! Our driver ripped around the sands for more than an hour.

We were in a convoy of about 8 vehicles and several of them got stranded on top of a dune peek, teetering like see saws, and one truck even managed a lateral roll. It was one buoyant bouncy ride!

(Also environmentally unfriendly. My bad.)

Namibia – Sand Sledding

My latest stint playing in the sand was outside of one of Africa’s adventure sports spots: Swapkomund.  My friends from my Acacia Africa tour and I headed out to the dunes to do some environmentally friends – finally! – dune sports.

I tried my hand again at sandboarding, but even though I had instruction this time, I still sucked. I think I was putting too much pressure on my toes, not being brave enough to let myself fly down the dune. Chicken!

I also tried sand sledding for the first time. What a blast! It was a little intimidating to head down the dune face first, but it was a fabulous flight! The key: keep your elbows up and toes levitated about 3 inches off the ground and you’ll fly!

Who needs the snow and cold, when you’ve got the sun and sand? I’m sold on dune sports!

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