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These sweet girls inspire me!

These sweet girls inspire me!

Concentrating funding on one issue area allows our donated dollars to have a greater impact. The key to narrowing your focus to just one issue is to choose an area that resonates with you on multiple levels. I choose to support women’s and girls’ rights. Here’s why:


I believe in inalienable social and civil rights like equality and justice. Feelings of fairness and equal access to opportunity are core to how I see the world and the beliefs that I hold. Socially: There are numerous examples of how gains in women’s equality can move whole communities forward. For instance, the ending of FGM (female genital mutilation or “cutting”) in some African countries has seen a corresponding increase in economic activity and prosperity as women gain greater autonomy and health and are able to more fully participate in the local economies.


I like to choose areas that I feel passionately about and yet don’t receive a large percentage of funding. Women’s and girls’ rights, for instance, only receives 7% of all funding nationally. This relatively low number motivates me to give more to these causes because there is a greater need and I can make a larger impact with a modest donation.


Like most women, I have experienced disempowerment first hand, from sexual harassment in the workplace to being a survivor of violence. Let’s just say I have the personal experiences to passionately attack the abuse and discrimination that many women – yes, even in America – continue to face today.  


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