Erin’s Summer of Fun is Here! An Update on Women’s Rights

Looks like  an "Aroma Journey" to meWashington D.C. – May 12, 2010

OK – I’m tired of working so hard – and a reprieve is just around the corner! Saturday I return from my business trip in D.C. and I’ll be home for a full 2 ½ months – -Yahoo! (OK, I have one small business trip to Chicago during that time, but essentially I get to enjoy home sweet home!)

I’m thinking of kicking off my Summer of Fun by getting a massage here at the Mayflower Hotel. So tempting!  I think I might need an “Aroma Journey Massage.” When I was a corporate road warrior, I used to order a masseuse up to the room sometimes. It was so very….ah, never mind.


Erin as  blond Corporate Warrior

Erin as blond Corporate Warrior

Part of my Summer of Fun is hitting the gym. I haven’t worked out FOREVER and I totally needed to snap those endorphins. So I’m on the Stairmaster, music super loud and flipping through a magazine I picked up: Professional Women’s Multicultural Magazine.  Now a red-head, I think I qualify.

It had an article about Women’s History Month, which is March – the magazine must’ve been sitting there a while.  It highlighted a few facts I already knew:

  • • Women still only earn 77 cents for every $1 earned by men.
  • • There are 155.8 million females in the U.S. (compared to 151.8 million men).
  • • Wives earned at least $5,000 or more than their husbands in only 18% of married couples.

And a few facts I didn’t know — Factoids to celebrate!

  • • 38% of women work in management, professional, and related occupations (compared to 32% of men).
  • • 55% of college students are women.
  • • More than 3.1 million girls participated in high school athletics.
  • • 66% of females voted in the 2008 Presidential election (compared to 62% of men).

Most of those stats all seem to be about women excelling – Nice stuff! I think this really is going to be a fun summer!   :o )

p.s. I know mid-May isn’t technically considered “summer,” but it is in my world!



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