Packing: RTW Trip – Gear *Video*

When I travel, I don’t tend to take a lot of clothes. (Well, not that many anyway…) What I do take is a lot of is gear, which is a bummer, because gear is HEAVY!

I have a tendency to buy really nifty travel gadgets that may not actually be that useful. Or rather, they may be totally useful for the one time in 2 years that I’ll use them.

7 Questions to Ask as You Pack

Since I’m a “work in progress” in this area, I try and ask myself a number of questions before placing the current object of my affection in my bag:

1. How often do I think I’ll use this? My rule of thumb is at least 10 times before the item gets consideration.

2. Is the item seasonal? (ie: No down vest when I’m basically following the sun)

3. Can I substitute something else that will work almost as well? (ie: Will a sweater and scarf do in place of the vest?).

4. Is the item related to good health? I make allowances for items like Imodium that you need when you need it.)

5. Will the item bring me immense joy? (ie: my iPod)

6. Can I buy the item overseas? (What can’t you buy in most major cities?)

7. How much does it weigh? (Seriously, put it on a scale – you’ll be shocked how it adds up!)

Watch the Gear Packing video!

Check out this video of all the gear I originally took on my 2-year journey. It’s a lot.

Honestly, I’ve left more than half of it behind in various cities along the way. What do you think got cut?

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