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I don’t know him but my friend Sam does. Apparently she (Sam is a girl) and her boyfriend at the time were talking with Ethan about what he was going to do with his life. He had finally decided: He was going to enter and win this reality competition, Survivor, then use the money to start a citizen sector organization in Africa.

And that’s what Ethan did. His org, Grass Roots Soccer, helps kids learn HIV/AIDS life skills by playing soccer. I’m not entirely sure of the veracity of this story, but I’d love it if this was his outlandish plan and he made it happen. Rock on!

Let me add a bit of disclosure here. While I don’t watch Survivor, I did try out for it. My friend Tammy called me the morning of try-outs (back in 1990?) and told me to get to Chrissy Field for the taped interviews. So I rolled out of bed, jumped in my pick-up and headed over.

I managed to brush my teeth, but that was all the preparation I had. (Read: no make-up, no cute outfit, no prepared monologue. I obviously didn’t fully understand what I was getting into.)

And I’m pretty sure I flunked the Survivor test that morning too. I didn’t know who the players were the season before, didn’t have a “favorite” cast away. I listed my favorite TV show as Antique’s Roadshow, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the right answer. Denied.

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