Ever Eat Guinea Pig? Part 2

I'll Tiddlywink you!

I’ll Tiddlywink you!

April 2007 — Cuzco, Peru      

Part 2 of a two-part series

In a good bar, a little side entertainment goes a long way. A typical game to play in the courtyard of a Peruvian bar is a cross between Tiddlywinks and that frat game quarters. The game is called El Sapu – meaning “frog” in Quechua.

In El Sapu, you try and toss a small disc into a frog’s gaping mouth. The frog is metal by the way (or that would be really hard!) You need to stand back at least 4-5 feet, so it’s more difficult than it sounds.  And there’re barriers blocking the frog’s open mouth.

Legend had it that the Inca royals would throw gold pieces into the sacred lake Titikaka, trying to attract a frog’s attention. If a frog took a gold piece in its mouth, the player instantly won a wish and the frog turned to solid gold. The royal family liked the game so much, they made a gold frog back at their ranch, Machu Picchu, so they could play the game again and again.  

El Sapu, the golden frog

El Sapu, the golden frog

Being a fairly experienced quarters player, I actually won a few rounds of El Sapu. Doing my fellow college partiers (if not my parents) proud.

So at your next backyard BBQ, shove aside the bocce balls and Corona in favor of El Sapu and corn beer. And don’t forget the funny looking chicken (aka cuy, aka guinea pig). You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood – I promise. At least you’d be if you lived in Peru.

Wanna buy El Sapu?  Here you go: http://froggie-legrenouille.com/store/  





This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Read Part 1

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