Ewwwwwww… Eel Sushi

San Francisco Airport, San Francisco California

Unagi, eewwwwwwl

Unagi, eewwwwwwl

OK – I know this isn’t an exotic one, but it was fierce. And I still don’t eat eel sushi to this day. I’ve never puked before (that I remember anyway) where the vomit hit the toilet with such force that it came back up and hit me in the face – and I was standing at the time! Seriously I puked a lung, called my mom, and hid in my bed at my hotel (I was staying at the Fairmont in Seattle at the time – corporate luxury!).

I still made it to my breakfast meeting the next morning (albeit a little green). Buh bye, BBQ’ed eel! Now, the real question is: Why would you eat eel sushi at an airport? I was a corporate road warrior at the time and traveling about 60-75% of the time. I was trying to eat something “healthy” and was tired of the Max Deli sandwiches that were sold at the airport outlet.

Let’s just say I learned my lesson: No sushi from an airport kiosk. Ever. 

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 and is filed under Food & Drink.

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